Once a year, 12,500+ SaaS executives, founders, and VCs come together for the SaaStr Annual, the largest non-vendor SaaS conference on the planet:

3+ full days with 200+ sessions from the best-of-the-best on how to scale faster. 100+ of the best sponsors in the world. 250+ VCs, including an entire day where the VCs pitch you. 300+ speakers from the best SaaS companies across the world. 1000+ Braindates, AMAs, and mentoring sessions

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Reviews from Past Sponsors

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Eric Boduch • Pendo

We closed 8 new customers in the 3 month period following the 2016 Sastr Annual and are projecting $5M in new revenue from sponsoring. The event experience was top-notch. and we've renewed our Gold sponsorship for the 2017 event.

Marketing • Columbia Ventures

SaaStr Annual moves the needle.

Marketing • GoodData

The response at the booth was amazing. What a week!

Ben Sardella • Datanyze

Every conversation that we had with prospects, customers, partners, and VC's was impactful. Our event marketing ROI was 5X. We've renewed our Gold+ sponsorship for 2017."

Marketing • Pipemonk

Just fantastic. We got introduced to so many potential partners and enterprise customers because of the SaaStr Annual.

Lew Cirne • New Relic

SaaStr is super valuable because it is the undisputed thought leader in how to build SaaS businesses.

Collin Stewart • Predictable Revenue

Having nearly hit our target of $50k at the event and closing $200K within 8 weeks has far exceeded our expectations.

Marketing • Looker

The most meetings from a show in the company's event history.

Anthony Kennada • Gainsight

Can't wait to be back at SaaStr Annual in 2019.

Sam Blond • BREX

The most leads we've ever gotten from an event

Geoff Reffner • Allbound

Closed our fastest deal ever at SaaStr Annual.

Sam Blond • Rainforest QA

We’ve closed 4 deals sourced from SaaStr Annual in less than 3 weeks. Many more forecasted to come. Highest ROI event (or any demand gen channel) we’ve measured. Renewing Sponsorship for next year already!