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Retail Global (formerly the PeSA Internet Conference) was created out of a passion for the industry and the people who lead it. Founder Phil Leahy successfully launched and built one of the largest eBay businesses retailing CDs & DVDs – achieving Australia’s #1 eBay seller for highest volume of sales in all seller categories for a number of years. He then decided to launch a conference to help others who were tackling marketplaces and cross-border.

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Retail Global 2019

October 9 - 11, 2019

Retail Global is an ecommerce specific conference that has the biggest names in ecommerce attending and speaking. Some of the speakers li...

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Josh Zamaro • Big Commerce

We got to speak to people that were not only at the store-front level, you know, working in a brick and mortar, all the way up to sea level and global e-commerce sales leaders

Don Zhao • Azoya International

We’ve had lots of discussions in this exhibition including with retailers, eCommerce service providers, payment settlement companies and also logistics companies. So we think because of this exhibition we will know better about our service solutions positioning in this new market.

Sean Finnegan • ChannelAdvisor

With all the different sellers and the brands here it’s definitely something you need to be a part of. Any kind of vendor in eCommerce at this stage of the game you have to be at this conference.

Kristin Welker • Ebay Advertising

I think retail global is a good opportunity to exhibit if you want people around the globe to be able to see your brand. There's people from all over, here, to network with and so that was a great opportunity for us and I think that would be a great opportunity for any company no matter their size.

Ryan Kulp • Fomo

Over the 3 day event we probably shook 15-20 hands at our booth, and half of those were other vendors. We closed 2-3 customers, but our product is also inexepensive (< $100 /month). I also didn't know until we arrived that sponsors in our "bracket" (eSolutions Lab, ~$2,500 booth) are not allowed to attend regular sessons. Since the conference format is set up to have specific exhibition hours, vs "always-on" exhibiting, this meant we sat in an empty room for half of each day. A few months later I literally ran into one of the organizers in another city, and she told me that was not true, that the security guards should have allowed us to attend the panels and sessions. This made it even more disappointing.

Scot Wingo • ChannelAdvisor

The thing that’s great about Retail Global is it helps you set your goals and get to the next can meet people who really know the information you need to get to the next level by people that have been there and done that – it’s not theory, not’s real tactical, real world... how to grow your business and take it to the next level.

Wesley Marley-Wallace • Toll

We’ve had some really positive conversations with a lot of existing customers as well so the traction has been fantastic.

Chris Sheffield • Braintree

I think we’ll definitely be coming back next year and the year after that and the year after that.

Jason Stockton • Emote Digital

We found the conference drove us so many leads we could barely keep up with them all. We will definitely have a stack of new clients thanks to this show, we’ll definitely attend next year.

Ryan Murtagh • Neto

We attend all the trade shows. Retail Global is the one we will continue to attend. Phil and the team do such a great job getting the best speakers from around the world. What you learn in a short space of timeis so valuable. Ultimately, as a retailer, that cannot be beaten. It is not like other shows that are very commercial - there are lots of personal relationships. It's just great!

Evan Smith • BigCommerce

We’ve had a lot of positive interactions. We’ve actually had a lot of our existing customers come to us with some good stories and who really happy to see some people from Bigcommerce at this event.

Ryan Jackson • Braintree Paypal

The benefit of being here with Braintree PayPal, it really helps get our name out there, more exposure. We are growing in the US but from an international perspective people are just starting to see who we are.

Jacob Lanyadoo • Venzee

I like the size of the event, there's enough attendees while still being maneagable, so we were able to speak to people. Very centered around kinda the amazon and ebay world, it seems like it's a good place to find emerging retailers.

David Perdue • ROI Revolution

I enjoyed being able to interact with prospects face to face, I feel like things are way more effective that way, plus a lot of the people that I talked to are really excited to talk about their business and grow Amazon. People are wanting to grow their business, Amazon is untapped territory so if you can show up with the new product that's gonna get people excited and teach them how to grow their business, they'll be ready for you

Gabriel Grisham • OFX

Get in early, get a good booth location and yeah, be prepared to have a good time.

Eric McKone •

The quality of the leads and the attendees during the conference were top-notch, we got to meet a ton of different people and many had unique challenges and we were able to give a lot of demos and introduce them to solutions.

Carl Hartmann • Temando

I think one of the interesting opportunities I’ve uncovered here is that there’s lots of retailers that I’ve met that are only for the first time thinking about selling globally properly. They might have dipped their toe in the water but now they’re looking to do it properly, do it focused and think about how they can actually deliver best practice customer experiences to customers all around the world, not just domestically.